William Boland

Bill started in 1965 or 1966, when he was living in Shelton.  He spent about three years with the Minor League system, coaching the Shamrocks.  He then moved up to the majors to coach on the “A’s” with Chubby Curtis who was the manager.  After a few years, he took over as manager of the team when Chubby became the President of the league.  Bill coached the “A’s” with Pete Olenoski for a many years.  When Pete left to take his own team, he coached with Pete Saccu and Pete Radizeski for many years.

Bill was also selected as the League Vice President, and then selected for the Executive Committee where he helped out for many years until he retired in 1982.  Bill was an integral part of the Derby Little League.

Presented to Bill Boland in grateful appreciation for the many years of service and dedication given to the youth of  Derby.